Skyrim Remastered, Is It Repackaged BS?

Skyrim Remastered, Is It Repackaged BS?

skyrim remastered

Skyrim Remastered For the PS4 and Xbox One

We got our hands on Skyrim Remastered (Ultimate edition), and we now ask:

“Did Bethesda just sell us on just a high quality texture pack?”

Or “Did we get ripped off like Fallout 4 ripped us off?”

Got your attention? Good.

We dive into the game and answer some of your questions.

What is included in the Skyrim Remastered edition?

Skyrim Remastered claims out of the box that it includes:

  1. Remastered art and effects, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, and more.
  2. All included DLC’s (Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Hearthfire)
  3. And last but not least, a fresh experience into the Skyrim world.

It is available for the following platforms:

Playstation 4

Xbox One

PC (PC Masterrace) – For those who already own Skyrim on steam, Steam users already received the upgrade for free. (Honestly, thats the way it should be for PC, it would be completely ridiculous to buy it again just for an upgraded texture pack.) Ouch!

Whats Different With The PC Version?

  • 64-bit support, allowing the game to access more RAM
  • Support for existing mods including those uploaded through’s own Creation Kit
  • Support for saves from the original Skyrim in the Special Edition
  • Available free for existing Steam users who own the original game and all expansions (Dragonborn, Hearthfire and Dawnguard) or the Legendary Edition

How good are the graphics compared to the last Skyrim?

After playing a few hours, we felt the graphics have been improved looking “up-to-date” with the current gen graphics. We felt this was more of a Skyrim buffer until the next next-gen Skyrim comes out.

skyrim remastered

Here are some images below:

skyrim remastered skyrim remastered skyrim remastered skyrim remasteredLots of the trees, flooring, rocks, grass, weeds, and atmospheric lighting have been updated to give a much more “field of depth” look.

While traveling the world compared to the last Skyrim we felt it was much more entertaining and we could appreciate the scenery as it complimented the main gameplay better.

The last Skyrim felt like a diorama because of its bland and dull colored environment combined with its gameplay. We hated the fact that in the original Skyrim, it literally felt as if you were fighting in a still canvas. (It was boring)

With this update, we felt the team at Bethesda wised up and toned up the color along with the initial graphics update. It just “FEELS” like your more part of the whole texture.

Does the gameplay feel any different?

While we joked was this just simple a texture pack upgrade that has been re-shoved back to us, we felt the experience just felt more “up-to-date”.

Skyrim Remastered does not have any updated “motions or gameplay differences” we just literally just felt it was updated in the sense of environment and graphics.

Gameplay wise, it just gave us an improved eye candy experience.

Does it include all the DLC’s?

Yes, one great thing about the Skyrim Remastered edition (Ultimate edition) is that is includes Dawngaurd, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn all remastered.

Whats the point of buying it?

Honestly, we felt that if you just really want to play the game again and you were frustrated with some fuzzy or low textures from the original Skyrim game, then definitely pick one up here:The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition – PlayStation 4

skyrim remastered


  1. Have they fixed the lag that made the PS3 version of Skyrim completely unplayable? Because if I get too far in the game and have to wait 5 minutes every time I walk through the door, then I’ll pass on it.