Nike+ Sportwatch Review And My Christmas Resolution

Nike+ Sportwatch Review And My Christmas Resolution

Nike+ Sportwatch

Nike+, A Christmas New Year’s Resolution.

The holidays bring gifts that usually do two things for us:

  1. Make us momentarily happy.
  2. Gives us value in our life (from someone else)

We are more health conscious each year, right now you are probably one of those people who eat less, or watching what you allow into your body’s health system.

Which comes to mind, what allows us to keep track of our actions besides our friends, family, or things closest to us? (phones).

We looked into gadgets that match our accountability towards how we keep ourselves healthy.

The Nike+ is one of those gadgets that lives up to it’s hype. It’s an overlooked tool in the health category with some people because of its price and brand.

Here is a little bit about the watch before we get into the review:

  1. The Nike+ sportwatch is water resistant and features a TomTom GPS for accurate speed and distance for information (indoors and outdoors) and even if your GPS signal gets interrupted you will still know.
  2. You can track your time with the Nike+ Sportwatch and you can see how many calories are burned along with the distance taken.
  3. It’s equipped with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that charges through a USB cable. It lasts up to 8 hours (although in some cases it lasted longer for us) and 50 days on standby power (which means when you’re not using it)
  4. A cool part about this gadget is that you can join challenges with your friends as a member of and share routes, find popular running areas, and share activity on Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Personal coaching features help keep you at your best, reminds you to run, stores your run history, and remembers your personal records.

So after listing out those features, its easy to point out why some people already like this.


The ability to track how far you run, along with your own route, and sharing those routes with other people is a feature that goes great cooperatively with people who are looking to keep fit quicker.

Our experience with the Nike+ Sportwatch felt accurate when it came to actually tracking down your movement down to precision.

It is equipped with the GPS of TomTom (which comes with it as a gratis service) and with a Nike+ shoe sensor that captures every step of your running habits.

We were able to see and hear our distance along with the time and calories burned through the watch, and we could upload and track the results on the Nike+ website (provided and free).

You can set goals to keep pushing yourself and if you wear this watch it keeps you accountable for your own progress. There’s something about having your own Sportwatch that changes your mindset for that particular task.

Having a Sportwatch compared to just your phone (even if your phone does have a pedometer) is a very different mindset an experience. Sounds gimmicky, but those who enjoy pushing themselves with a sense of accountability, this watch does exactly that.

The coolest part of this watch for us was the reward system. Whenever we set milestones for ourselves, we received trophies and medals (virtually) when we met our goals.

Now before you guys say “oh boy, virtual trophies for the goals that I created!” Please.

The point here we are getting at is the Nike+ Sportwatch is a good tool for your health accountability. (and especially for your new year resolution)

The Nike+ acts as your personal coach, it reminds you to run, to store your history, and to take your usual running routes.

We found the overall setup for the Nike+ watch to be very simple.

You can get the one we got below:

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom (Black/Volt)